Sales Meetings With The "Right" Prospects

Speed up your sales process. We'll bring you sales meetings with the "right" prospect while you focus on closing more deals.

Our Solutions


Strategic outreach on multiple channels including email and social media. Steady professional follow-up messages and list nurturing for future opportunities.

AI / Machine Learning

We leverage AI for sentiment analysis and machine learning to better understand who your ideal prospect or buyer is.

Custom Automation Workflows

We build custom sales automation workflows to help your team accelerate revenue growth and get the results you deserve.

Private Slack Channel

During the onboarding process we will set up with your own private slack channel where we can send you notifications of opportunities in real time.

Custom Messaging

Upseed will generate custom messaging that will accelerate sales opportunities for your company, fast.

How it works

Introductory Call

We set up an introductory to call to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. Discussing everything about your company, business model and ideal prospect or partner.

Messaging / Demand Creation

We begin prospect generation and create personalized messaging around your sales objectives and goals.

Outreach / Sales Meetings

Sit back, relax and let us bring you new outbound opportunities.

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